Journey of Choice

Have you ever realized that the journey you are on in this life is based on the choices you make in every moment of this precious existence? Its OK if you haven’t because this is actually a big part of the experience of learning that we all have choices which are ours alone.  At first this can be scary if you aren’t used to the excitement that choosing brings to life. Choosing can be simple or complicated depending on the type of person we are or how well we know ourselves. Starting the process by making small choices it is easy to see how our lives are shaped by the choices we make and not by those which seem to be made for us.  The first very small step to take is to have the courage to make a decision based on what you feel is right for yourself.  During the course of battling through a cancer journey and the subsequent recovery process I have learned that all we really ever have in this life are these moments of courage and choice which will absolutely direct us to our higher purpose.  An awakening time where you get to see yourself in a mirror reflected by the choices you have made merging with your undeniable self.  This is where the possibility of choice will direct you to either incorporate or leave things to the past where they belong. I have seen firsthand how this process works and have come to believe that for everything we leave in the past without resistance we have invited an indeterminate amount of prospects for our future development and personal evolution beginning to knock on the doors we once held shut. The hero’s journey is not for the faint of heart. To me this journey represents the strengthening of the heart by way of true expression.  The choice is yours to make and the journey is yours to take. You will survive to thrive.



Eckhart Tolle


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