Cancer Journey

This page is dedicated to some personal stories of my battle with 3rd stage testicular cancer and some links to some great organizations which helped along the way as well as some thoughts on the power of belief and a positive outlook on life can make a huge difference in not only your own life but the lives of countless others you will definitely meet along the way.  I have always believed in being prepared for anything and now I know I never could have been prepared to survive this experience for everything that I would have to learn and endure would change me forever.

Cancer Diagnosis

Well I guess my diagnosis was just like everyone elses. You go in for a couple tests and then a doctor tells you its cancer and very little else. I remember how cold and shallow the whole experience felt. I tried to make the doctor feel lighter about what he was doing. He probably does this all day every day. You see my mom died of cancer over 20 years ago and this is how we always treated the doctors and nurses who also have lives and all the same problems as the patients do. A bit of humor and lightheartedness will take you far. It was like a comic strip out of The New Yorker with me saying “don’t feel so bad doc. I’m the one with cancer”.  I can be a real fool for believing what people are telling me and in this instance what stood out was when the doctor said “we were going to get this” it stuck in my head and I made it a mantra.  I’ve wanted to believe in myself but had never summoned the courage to do so. Now I would get to use one of my favorite sayings. “Son, your either gonna be a hero, or a zero. You decide.” It all rested squarely with me and I had begun the acceptance of what was happening in my life. The lesson I learned that day was a cancer diagnosis will only be as scary as you make it. Looking back I realize that all turning points in life are showing you the way to your higher purpose.  The curiosity it takes to unlock it is the key.

What is a mantra?  You might ask. A literal translation of the word mantra is an instrument of thought. A combination of words when used together creates an atmosphere for willpower and healing to emerge.

Here is a link to a website full of resourceful information relating to the entire cancer journey including cancer diagnosis and mantras. 




Resistance Is A Disturbance In The Force

The first question that comes to mind after your doctors visit is am I going to have the courage to face these challenges and where will I get the support for all the new anomalies that are bound to pop into existence?  The first thing I did on my way home was to take someone out to dinner on me.  Little did I know that this created a bookend for the beginning of my journey which would have the identical one after the battle was fought and won. After dinner I had a conversation which contained important information.  Everything revolved around the topic of resistance.  Even the smallest bit of resistance creates a disturbance.  Resistance can and does affect both your faith and belief structures.  Your entire human potential thrives without resistance.  It turns out that my friend was having a very subliminal conversation with me basically calling the cancer resistance or a disturbance in the force without ever speaking of the cancer directly.  Once again this stuck with me and from that point forward I never really recognized cancer as anything more than a resistance that needed to be removed from my energetic field.  It was beautiful not giving the cancer form to grow.  Lessening the resistance gave me an opportunity to take care of all the pressing matters that go along with a cancer journey.

Here is a link to an article that suggests that meditation alters cancer survivors cells in beneficial ways. Check it out. Seeing things differently may actually create physical changes at cellular levels.  Which promotes better health in life and living.






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